AI-powered forecasting and scheduling

Forecast more precisely and create weekly schedules that work for both your employees and your business at the click of a button. Save time, control costs, and take the guesswork out of scheduling.

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Why do managers, employees, and executives love us?

Because we make scheduling a breeze, ensure employees are properly staffed at all times, and provide unparalleled visibility to business performance.

With one click, create a new schedule, fill shifts, or adjust existing shifts to meet your demand most efficiently.

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Our team can get you up and running in under two weeks.

Using our 3-step implemenation plan, you will be able to quickly see the value and make sure you are making the right decision for your business before fully committing.

Step 1 - Technical Assessment

Collect data and determine feasibility.

Our data science team works with you to gather the employee, store, and labor data needed to build a custom labor model, while also determining viability, necessary integrations, and expected ROI.

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Step 2 - Pilot Deployment

Onboard pilot locations and gather feedback.

We quickly onboard a select few of your locations with minimal disruption, providing immediate value while refining your labor model. We then collect feedback from your managers and help quantify value to inform future deployment plan.

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Step 3 - Full Rollout

Roll out broadly and continuously improve.

Using an implementation plan backed by real results, we roll out across your entire organization (or parts of it). Our customer success team will train frontline management and staff, and then work with you to provide support and implement feedback.

A close-up screenshot of the RightWork's weekly scheduling view.

“I have seen many scheduling tools across my career in the service industry and RightWork combines the best parts of all of them. The autoscheduler feels like we are giving our managers superpowers and the forecasted labor budgets make it easy to control costs as we grow. This should be a no-brainer for all restaurant chains.”

Lars Koerber
President of Operations at Kizuki
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What are you waiting for?

Get started saving time, optimizing labor, controlling costs, reducing churn, and delighting customers.

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RightWork is flexible

It can be used as a standalone scheduling app or can integrate directly into your current labor management system. Pull schedules from your system, optimize them in RightWork, and push them back in minutes.


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and many more

Optimized Labor. Immediate ROI.

Join the businesses that have invested in improving their labor scheduling system.

1-200 locations

Optimized scheduling designed for scaling companies.


  • Employee scheduling
  • Auto-scheduling and auto-tuning
  • Schedule templates
  • POS integrations
  • Labor management integrations
  • Daily rosters
  • Deployment guides
  • Coverage graphs
  • Weekly BI reporting
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200+ locations

More customizable options for established companies.


  • Employee scheduling
  • Auto-scheduling and auto-tuning
  • Schedule templates
  • POS integrations
  • Labor management integrations
  • Daily rosters
  • Deployment guides
  • Coverage graphs
  • Weekly BI reporting
  • Custom reporting
  • Dedicated servers
  • Dedicated account manager
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact our sales team.

    • Is there a trial period?

      Yes, after the technical assessment period, you will engage a pilot, typically ranging from 1 to 2 months, that enables you to evaluate the product before deciding on a full rollout. This is where our team performs an initial consultation, data discovery process, and onboards actual stores into the tool for testing. Due to the work required in this pilot, we charge a fee.

    • Is RightWork actually tailored to my company?

      The modeling our team does uses data inputs that are specific to not only each company, but also each store within each company. Also, our data science team works closely with your subject matter experts to refine the models and ensure that the schedules are accurate so your teams can use them with confidence.

    • What is auto-scheduling and how does it work?

      Auto-scheduling is the process of running an algorithm to match schedules to forecasted sales as efficiently as possible. Unlike most auto-scheduling software, RightWork uses a bottoms-up approach, where we breakdown the forecast all the way to the product and channel levels. This ensures that when we map the required work to potential shifts, the results are as accurate as possible.

    • Does RightWork optimize schedules for companies outside of the restaurant industry?

      Yes, RightWork can help any company in the service industry that deploys hourly workers optimize their labor. Right now, we are working with restaurants, hotels, and retail chains.

    • How does RightWork help reduce labor costs?

      By creating schedules using demand-based scheduling. Demand-based scheduling helps match labor with forecasted sales to avoid over or understaffing, and can also be used to choose the best employees for shifts based on hourly rates, qualifications, preferences, and overtime risk.

    • What data is necessary during the technical assessment period?

      Data like time standards, is helpful but not required, as we have the ability to collect this if needed. We also help to structure a lot of the other information necessary by working closely with your team. Access to sales and time clocking data is required, but we offer integrations to popular tools like Toast, 7shifts, and Restaurant365 to make this easy.