Incentivize your stores to hit your most important metrics

Easily set up contests, competitions, and payouts that reward managers for hitting key performance indicators (KPIs) or outperforming their peers

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A screenshot of the main page of a store contest where it shows relevant information about the contest, a table of the weekly progress, and some cards showing different metrics or expected payouts.

Motivate your managers

Create a Contest

Make contests in minutes that can quickly elevate your store perfomance through the power of aligned incentives

Choose participants.
You have complete control over which stores can participate in each contest.
Standalone contest.
One type of contest is `standalone`, where individual stores can compete to hit certain metric thresholds that you define.
Competition contest.
The other type is `competition`, where multiple stores can compete against each other to achieve prizes and incentives that you set.
A screenshot showing the Create a Contest page where there are inputs for all the options to set up a contest.

Hit your targets

Metrics & Payouts

Get the results you want with metrics and payouts you can design to meet your business objectives

Take control over metrics.
RightSpark allows you to select the metrics that matter most to your business and incentivize your store managers to achieve them.
Flexible payout options.
You have the power to choose how and when your stores get paid out, giving you greater control over your incentive programs.
Data driven insights.
Gain valuable business intelligence and intuitive weekly performance data to see how the stores are performing against the target metrics.
A screenshot of a modal for inputting the metric and payouts for a standalone contest.
A screenshot of a modal for inputting the metric and payouts for a competition contest.