Take control of your labor standards to generate better forecasts

Easily build and manage your labor model with store-specific inputs and then deploy directly to RightWork or other top workforce management solutions with one click.

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A screenshot showing a table with a list of a store's plays.

Customize your labor model with ease

Easy Labor Standard Management

  • - Quickly input and manage labor standards with an intuitive interface and easy imports.
  • - Customize labor models to fit your business needs and optimize workforce management.
  • - Keep up with location-specific labor requirements by easily updating labor standards.
A screenshot showing a table where you can input a routine for a the Labor Model.

See how input standards affect forecasts in real-time

Sandbox/Playground for Testing

  • - Test different inputs and demand forecasts to find the optimal labor model for your business.
  • - Accurately predict labor needs so your forecasts do not produce over or understaffing.
  • - Increase workforce efficiency by making informed decisions about labor management.
A screenshot of a Coverage Graph showing a bar chart of the optimal vs scheduled workload at specific times across the day.

Effortlessly manage your different labor model versions

Version Control System

  • - Keep track of all changes made to labor models with our Git-style version control system.
  • - Revert back to previous labor models and analyze the impact of any changes made.
  • - Collaborate with team members on labor model management with full transparency and accountability.
A screenshot showing a list of commits to the Labor Model and one of the list items is selected with more information about that commit.

Streamline your labor management workflow

Seamless Integration with RightWork

  • - Easily integrate your labor model with RightWork for streamlined workforce management.
  • - Optimize labor budgets and forecasts with accurate, location-specific labor standards.
  • - Turn those forecasts and budgets directly into optimal schedules with RightWorks auto-scheduling feature.
A screenshot of the RightWork's daily scheduling view.