Decrease wait times, increase table turnover, and delight customers

Effortlessly manage your waitlist and customer seating preferences - complete with automated text updates, simplified reservations, and integration with RightWork scheduling for better forecasting.

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A screenshot showing the backend of a waitlist app with a table of people waiting with relevant information.

Allow customers to join your waitlist from anywhere

Ultimate Flexibility

Experience the benefits of virtual waitlists by offering customers the option to sign up through multiple channels. Guests can easily join your waitlist through a kiosk, their phone, or your website.

A screenshot showing the frontend of a waitlist app with relative inputs like party size and type of seating preferred.

More effective communtication with customers

Dynamic, Automated Texts

Send automated, customizable texts to your waiting customers to update them on their place in line so they can go do whatever they please. Say goodbye to traditional lines and start delighting customers.

A screenshot showing a text conversation between someone waiting and a bot giving updates on their status.

Simplify appointment booking and scheduling

Reservations Made Easy

Streamline your appointment booking and scheduling process with our online booking option. With automated reminders and self-service updates, guests can easily manage their appointments without involving your staff.

A screenshot of a waitlist app where the user can enter in their phone number or click on a button to skip.

Take advantage of customer data

Better Labor Recommendations

Used in conjuctions with the RightWork scheduling app, get more accurate, real-time demand forecasts which allows you to schedule labor more efficiently.

A screenshot of a Deployment Guide showing a bar chart of the employee count and roles at specific times across the day.